Royal Heart Wellness is a space created by husband and wife team Giuseppe and Tikky Zappia. They have  been married for 12 years, and have a blended family of four children. They love to go on adventures, living their soul journey and hope to assist and inspire others to do the same.

Giuseppe currently has accumulated over eight years’ experience working within a Chinese Medicine Clinic where he was able to utilise his understanding of Chinese Philosophy, originally sparked by his love of Martial Arts. Giuseppe has managed to unify the many different threads of his scholastic interests, including Taoist Alchemy, Jungian Psychology, Ancient & Modern Spirituality, Lin Gui Ba Fa (chronological acupuncture) and I Ching (Ba Gua), incorporating his deep theoretical and practical understanding of these multilayered facets of wisdom into his diagnosis and treatment principles.

Tikky has had over 20 years of experience in customer service and administration roles, primarily working with people with disabilities. She now manages Sol Phoenix Martial Arts Academy and has completed a Diploma in Health Science. She enjoys working with people to assist them in reaching their wellbeing goals. Tikky runs Qi Balancing and Reiki Sessions, End of Life Rituals, Feng Shui Ba Gua & Home Cleansing consultations as well as offers Tarot Readings for those inclined.

Running lectures, workshops and retreats locally and internationally, Giuseppe and Tikky explore many aspects of magick and mystisim throughout their daily lives. They also make and sell handmade jewellery, reclaimed leather journals and an assortment of tools for daily meditation and ritual practices.


Giuseppe utilises Meridian Therapy technique, aimed to achieve the holistic well-being of the individual, balancing and harmonising the elements of the client’s inherent constitution. The adjustment of Qi flow is an important aspect of this process, for where there is blockage or disruption of Qi there is bound to be discomfort or dis-regulation which in consequence over time has the potential to lead to disease. At Royal Heart Wellness we create a series of individually and uniquely tailored treatments that work toward restoring optimal health, increasing overall quality of life, and general wellness, working with any existing health care practitioners you may have. The treatment stratagies we have designed to assist the individual in reaching optimal health and wellness goals with are inclusive of the following techniques: 

• Meridian Therapy - insertion of fine needles in certain energy points along the body
• Cupping - suction created with glass or silicon cups
• Electro needling - applying electrical current to inserted needles
">Exercise therapy - including Tai Chi & Qigong
• Gua Sha - stroking the skin with a rose quartz or carnelian crystal tool
• Herbs & Diet therapy - Chinese flavour & meridian systems
• Moxibustion - burning the mugwort herb for directed heat therapy over the body
• Tui Na - Chinese remedial massage done over clothing and towels

The above treatment methods have been shown to assist in the treatment of the following:

• Anxiety
• Insomnia
• Muscular aches and pains
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome
• Gastrointestinal and digestive disorders
• Paediatrics
• Fertility, pregnancy & post-partum support
• Cosmetic rejuvenation treatments and more

Giuseppe has also studied Traditional Japanese Meridian and Needle Therapy with Paul Movsessian learning both non-insertion needle techniques for those who do not feel comfortable with needles, which can be discussed at your first consultation. Giuseppe is constantly researching to increase his knowledge and understanding of the systems of health and healing to assist clients in the best possible way that he can.

Further offered is our unique blend of internal and external martial arts through our Academy, Sol Phoenix Martial Arts: www.solphoenix.site These sessions can either be done as a private class or group training.


Tikky is a long time student and practitioner of health and wellness. Having completed her Diploma of Health Science and certified course in Reiki, combined with the wisdom and experience of years she aims to assist people on their Path by allowing their true Selves to shine bright by offering the following services: 

Reiki & Qi Balancing - Utilising crystals and pendulums in her treatment, Tikky seeks to nourish a person's Qi to flow smoothly and unhindered throughout the body bringing a feeling of balance, wholeness and promote general wellbeing.

Heal the Womb - These sessions are aimed at aiding individuals, couples or families who have experienced a birth trauma, miscarriage, abortion or loss.  Sometimes the experience of a situation doesn’t match what is envisioned. This can cause a “fracture” in the psyche. Tikky helps to transmute any negative feelings such as pain, regret, loss into acceptance, change, growth and self-love. This is done as part of a Reiki treatment or a group meditation package.

Soul Passing Ritual – This special ceremony is held for the ending of a pregnancy by abortion or miscarriage. It is a powerful release enabling participants to honour that moment in time and pay respect to the passing of a soul. The ritual assists with moving forward and work through emotions to recover emotionally, physically and psychologically from something that is talked very little about in our society and is tailored to each individual and their wishes.

Feng Shui & Home Cleansing -  Feng Shui does for the environment what Meridian Therapy does for the body. Tikky works to align the energy in your home to create more flow. Certain areas of your home may feel "darker" or "lighter", or perhaps you may want to develop success in business or enhance family relationships. Maybe youy feel as though some areas of your home have a "negative energy"... with personalised service, Tkky is able to assist you in creating a more harmonious, peaceful home.

Tarot Readings - Feel as though you are at a crossroads? Need some direction and guidance? A tarot reading may allow a person to get an overview of the next three months, allowing them to make situations clearer and assist with making decisions through open discussion and consultation/counselling provided during the reading. 


Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your individual needs or to find out more about what is to be expected from a session, booking an appointment or to answer any queries you may have.

Royal Heart Wellness is located at:

535 Magill Road
Magill SA 5072

To make an appointment, please call 0404 795 592, book through our website or e-mail: enquiries@royalheartwellness.com

Opening Hours:
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday by appointment

Meridian Therapy or Reiki/Qi Balancing $90, please allow up to an hour for a session
Tarot Readings $65
Feng Shui & Home Cleansing or Home Organisation packages starting at $500
Soul Passing Rituals and Heal the Womb Meditation services will be quoted on a case by case basis

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss a tailored experience to suit your needs.

NDIS Participants who are Self Managed or Plan Managed may be eligible for funding though  Core & Capacity Building to help reach your Health and Wellbeing Goals as well as Community Particpation:
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Assessment Recommendation Therapy or Training - Other Professional: 15_056_0128_1_3
Assistance With Self-Care Activities: 01_011_0107_1_1
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